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Where do we go from Here.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The Caribbean and St. Lucia, by inclusion face some challenging decisions in the near future regarding the management of COVID 19.

With the resurgence of covid in the form of the Delta Variant now pervasive in the USA, our primary source market, we can be certain that our virus counts will increase within our local population.

The secondary UK and European markets, in the face of their own challenges..continue to significantly limit the movement of travel for leisure. These two major market sources also continue to focus on vaccine acceptance and heard immunity, as a means to recapture some kind of normality to their society.

Meanwhile, our small tourism dependent island continues to battle ' vaccine hesitancy issues' whilst our workers continue to demand the right to work within the hospitality sector. Even with rising positive cases of covid 19 cases in the community....the consensus appears to be that it is not a problem. As with many other places in the world it may take the 'over running" of our health system capacity to convince the masses that a vaccination is a solution.

As we continue to admit American visitors ( even as the warning has been sounded) and demanding PCR tests them, we ourselves resist the protections that assure safety in that environment, there appears to be no logical path out of a bad situation.

A popular talk show host once said that our tourism industry does not operate in the real world, that we sell fantasy..even in the face of a deadly reality.

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