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Managing Public Open Spaces

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

As St.Lucia continues to grow its visitor population at the same time that the resident population demands access to quiet relaxed open spaces, issues of 'use conflict's have surfaced.

With the growing hotel and cruise sector markets, the reality of limited space will become a significant area for planners to resolve.

Already, the tiny island has established lofty goals for prime exclusive hospitality developments. These resorts and villas advertise the 'illusion' of extreme privacy. At the same time that the cruise industry is bursting at the seams -on some days, challenging island resources and reducing all movement to a snail's pace.

In addition, the bustling private villa and home rental business brings to the market an entirely new kind of visitor, who wants to experience the island in new ways that make them a part of the local community.

So, planners have a timely responsibility to decide how this landscape will look in the next decade, and decide how we manage without falling into chaos.

Managing relaxation may not seem like a 'front burner' issue.. .not yet, not today but wellness is a respectable duty of planners.

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