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Breaking Up With Bread

Ok, so I am a self confessed addict when it comes to bread, no apologies, after all isen't it ...god's food?

Show me a buttered creole ' tae tae pain' and it would take the next hour to wipe the smile from my face, and that's just the start. From breakfast to dinner, slices and slices to compliment each meal, the toasted crusts sending that dopemine rush to my brain, screaming out " yes satisfaction". From French Baguette to local creole, whatever the dough concoction...bring it forth. Recently it became quite impossible to imagine life without this biblical inclusion. But the thought that I needed to abstain, or cut back, was becoming more and more evident.....and the panic set in.

OK. so this was not going to be an easy task, I already knew that " you got this"

How could I ever enjoy breakfast ever again..eggs and ?

As with any addictive drug, I started to run myself into a panic, thinking of all the 'bread things' I would also have to give up. Pizzas, panini, danishes oh no, not those swirls of rasin magic, how is this even possible, when did I get old.

I could not even conceive of some 'half measure stopping plan - it was going to be all or nothing. I told you I am an addict.

So I set a month to start...September. ..ate all the bread in my fridge in the last two weeks of August and got ready.

I must admit that it was easier than I imagined, you know what they say about worrying, well its mostly true, "ruins today and has no effect on tomorrow".

I substituted fruits...decided to boil that egg, included a couple glasses of a green smoothie's and a whole grain cereal....and the mornings were saved.

Dinner ...well that's a little more complicated and needed some planning. Sometimes it's good to look at the big picture, whilst doing all the chopping and dicing. But I got through September...October is just another 4 weeks. Maybe I will reward myself with a pizza!

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