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Welcome to St. Lucia

Thank you for selecting St. Lucia for your vacation or extended holiday, we extend best wishes to you.


Our island has had a very successful hospitality reputation and even excelled internationally in some specific areas.  This means that in addition to our spectacularly beautiful landscape we know how to make you feel welcome.  

We are now even more excited to share our communities and other small authentic experiences that are certain to leave lasting memories.

We look forward to meeting you.

Pigeon Island National Landmark


The Visitor Channel

St Lucia Tours & Hidden Gems

Promoting Community Tourism

Buy Local - Shop Small

Small Business has been hit hard by the Corona Virus. Shopping locally ensures that people stay employed and business continues to thrive. Shop locally for gifts and supplies.  

Historical Spaces

Vestiges of a colorful and sometimes violent history, st Lucia still has many of the ruins from battles or its early agriculture. Many of these are located in rural communities and require your personal responsibility to ensure that they remain intact. Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but great memories.   

Small Islands are particularly vulnerable to Climate Change.

Climate Change & Small Caribbean Islands. Mom - Friday 8:30am

CTV / Visitor TV, is a leading broadcaster of Caribbean lifestyle programming as well as focused attention on the environment and the issues that affect our lives.

Personal Responsibility is your way to show that you care

Updated Entry Requirements In Effect From September 5, 2022




Download, print and complete Health Screening Form in time for your arrival in Saint Lucia.
Download here
 All other COVID–related pre-travel requirements for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers have been removed.


Things to do in St. Lucia


There are several opportunities to get out and enjoy St. Lucia. We feature the best tours on CTV


We also feature several programs on HIKING & EXPLORING

INVESTING WITH US... St Lucia Offers Opportunities

Perhaps no Caribbean island tops more polls, lists, and travel awards ceremonies than Saint Lucia, and we’re proud that our small island is making bigger and bigger waves in the international arena. But our charms don’t end at tourism and hospitality. Saint Lucia has a lot to offer investors in a wide range of sectors that speak to the sustainable and profitable development in the country.

Want to work with us? We’d love to hear from you.

St. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean


See our page on Investing & Real Estate

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Exposed to the world

Experiencing the flavour of the Caribbean is no longer restricted to our region. All over the world people are experiencing the cuisine that makes us famous. The first step in understanding who we are and what makes the character of the Caribbean so exotic. So, take a taste, then follow your stomach to our remote shores for warm sunsets and spicy treats.

Providing a wide range of quality and timely aerial products for real world applications, from quality still and video productions to area mapping applications for development projects, construction, agriculture, land use and gradual climate change measurement in specific sectors. Aerial Solutions has been in the business of flying UAV tools from 2014, and in this time we have accumulated a wealth of information and knowledge on achieving the best results for our clients. Additionally we have been able to develop working relationships with a core network of drone operators allowing expanded capacity whenever a project requires. Our projects to date include aerial video production for tourism, development, real estate and agriculture.

The Visitor Channel commenced operations in St. Lucia in December 2005, as a private, locally registered company. It now operates the registered name TRAVEL VIEWS inc. Over the past fifteen years we have remained singularly focused on promoting awareness for the tourism industry, and the development of the brand St. Lucia, this includes career opportunities, linkages, indigenous business, and cultural awareness. During this period we have had the privilege to work with several public and private sector entities allowing us to accomplish a wide range of successes, as well as significant experience in the local hospitality sector.


Our 15-year history has also resulted in the development of a solid foundation with the local public, who come to the Visitor Channel with the expectation of targeted industry content on a wide range of hospitality-related subjects. With the present reality of the COVID 19 pandemic, this has become increasingly significant to persons operating in the small and micro hospitality sector.

Managing Director

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